UK Turkish Islamic Cultural Centre was founded in 1984 to meet the religious and cultural needs of Muslim people living in Britain. Our first branch opened in the late 80s on Clissold Road and started to give the much needed Islamic Services. Now we have expanded enough to provide more services all over the UK in 22 branches.Fatih Community Centre has become something of a local landmark and it is one of London’s key Islamic centres.

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It has always been our mission and goal to play an active role in shaping, guiding and educating the young, the old and everyone in between so that they may contribute to the foundation of the future’s healthy, strong and civilised society.

In addition we wish;

  • to empower the local Community and influence positively its quality of life in and for a changing world.
  • to encourage self-discipline and self-motivation, to instil a sense of purpose and an awareness of the needs of others, and to encourage responsibility and thoughtfulness in all we do, motivate and educate our students to become the successful devoted leaders of future generations.
  • to stimulate independent enquiry and intellectual curiosity, to enrich spiritual awareness, to match physical fitness and to promote individuality together with a sense of duty to friends and society.


  • Complete compliance with the Quran and Sunnah
  • High sense of responsibility, 
  • Transparency in processes, 
  • The embracing sense of brotherhood, 
  • Loyalty to the basic principles, 
  • Ikhlas and sincerity
  • Delivering services equally to everyone, regardless of language, race, gender and culture. 


Fatih Community Centre very keenly manages all donations in the best way possible. All donations are used specifically to what the donor desires. In an unlikely case, should the donor wish to leave the decision in which the proceeds go to, The Centre board of members reserves the right to transfer monies to any organizational event and/or activity. The Centre board shall use all proceedings to which they believe is best appropriate and suitable for the Ummah.


For any inquiries please send a message or email us