The Reward Of Feeding A Fasting Muslim

Whoever offers Iftar to a fasting person in Ramadan with his Halal (lawfully earned) income, all the angels will make Istighfar (ask forgiveness) on his behalf at nights during Ramadan. When it is the Night of Qadr, Jibrail Alayhis Salâm makes musafaha (shakes hands) with him.

Rajab Shareef, The Month of Allah (Shahrullah)

The month of Rajab which we will enter is the seventh month of the Hijra calendar. It is part of ‘Ash’hur al hurum’ and is Shahrullah, meaning the month of Allah. A person should fast in this month and ask for forgiveness.

The Night Of Raghaib And Ibadah Advised For The Night

The first Friday night of Rajab Sharîf is called the Night of Raghâ’ib. Muslims should enter this holy night fasting. Muslims are advised to perform a Hajah Salâh (Salâh of needs), consisting of 12 Rakâhs on this night between Maghrib and Ishâ Salâh.


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