Mosque Services

Fatih Community Centre & Mosque provides permanent solutions for the Muslims in the UK with their religious needs, primarily by providing appropriate places to worship and providing an Islamic education for the youth and  also carries out activities that will allow Muslims living in the Uk to perform their worship such as, Zakah-Fitrah-Charity, Sacrifice/Udhiyyah, Funeral/Janazah, etc..

The Community delivers the donations it collects from people with high awareness, to every needy person regardless of culture, race or ethnicity, by giving priority to education. 


Fatih Community Centre & Mosque keenly controls and monitors its operations on behalf of its donors by expecting all the sensitivities it has from all organizations and partnerships. The Community has a desire for every person to maintain their God given purity, honesty, to have high morality, to gain superior qualities, to evolve in their knowledge, to transmit it to humanity and all of our brothers and sisters in any part of the world. 

The mosque and all activities and events are run by donations made by generous donations.

What we teach

  • Quran Al – Kareem
  • Hadith Shareef
  • Tajweed (Qaida)
  • Arabic Writing
  • Arabic Grammar
  • Character & Ahlaq
  • Sarf (Emsile – Bina – Maksud)
  • Nahw (Avamil – Izhar – Kafiye)
  • Fıqh (Nurul Idha – Quduri)


Would you want your possessions to help you get good deeds even after your death (Sadaqa i Jariyah)?

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Rajab Shareef, The Month of Allah (Shahrullah)

The month of Rajab which we will enter is the seventh month of the Hijra calendar. It is part of ‘Ash’hur al hurum’ and is Shahrullah, meaning the month of Allah. A person should fast in this month and ask for forgiveness.

The Night Of Raghaib And Ibadah Advised For The Night

The first Friday night of Rajab Sharîf is called the Night of Raghâ’ib. Muslims should enter this holy night fasting.Muslims are advised to perform a Hajah Salâh (Salâh of needs), consisting of 12 Rakâhs on this night between Maghrib and Ishâ Salâh. 


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