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In the light of the importance Islam attaches to all types of education, The community is an institution that strives to convey knowledge to all Muslims regardless of age, language, race or gender. Our students are educated and taught to be great individuals with high ethic values that are going to be beneficial to society by recieving their academic education along with Islamic studies. Islamic knowledge and Quran lessons are also given to adults on a basic level.

Education For Kids

“For Muslim, Knowledge is from the cradle to the grave.” 

With our experienced teaching staff in all our institutions, our educational activities, regardless of race, language, age, are applied in two basic methods: We apply the Madrasah Method in religious education and the Isabet Education Method in academic education. 

  • In the Madrasah style education method, lessons are given by our experienced teachers (Hodja) practically over Islamic studies in accordance with the creed of the Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah
  • In the IEM, the courses are taught to the students of by our expert staff, one-on-one. 
Education For Adults

“The best of you is the one who learns the Qur’an and teaches it.”

All of our Older Muslim brothers and sisters can benefit from our basic Islamic and Quran education free of charge.

With the basic Islamic knowledge (Ilm-Al- hal) education, the information a Muslim needs in their daily life is taught in a comprehensive manner in accordance with the creed of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah.  


“Whomever fasts in Ramadan by believing in its virtue and expecting its reward from Allah, his past sins will be forgiven.” (Bukhârî, Savm, 6) 

Ramadan Sharif is the ninth of the 12 months according to the lunar calendar, and Allah has commanded us to fast in this month. In addition, the night of Qadr, is when the Quran began to be revealed, is one night that is hidden in the last 10 days of this month. For this reason, it is extremely important  for every Muslim to take advantage of the night of Qadr by fasting in the mornings and worshiping at night.

Every Ramadan, at Fatih Community Centre, Muqabala (people reciting the Qur’an to each other) is performed.  

In this way, the Sunnah of reciting that the Prophet saw and Jibreel (AS) did is imitated, so a sacred ambiance is experienced. You may also contact to join us. 

Fasting requires not only staying away from food but also avoiding all acts of sin. This will only be possible by spending time with good people in good places. 

‘Whomever feeds a person breaking his/her fast will earn the same reward as him/her, without any rewards decreased from the fasting person’. (Tirmidhi, Savm 82) 

The Community invites all of our Muslim brothers and sisters to their iftar and sahoor events it organizes on behalf of it’s donors. 

You can also sponsor an iftaar or sahoor  to the students of Quran.  

After our iftaar program, a sermon is given every day of relevant topics regarding Hadith, Fiqh and Tafseer in all of our branches. Every night Tarawih prayer is performed in congregation. We hope to spend these precious times with you, our brothers and sisters. 


According to the Hijri Calendar, the 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th days of the Dhul Hijjah is Eid-ul Adha (The Feast of the Sacrifice). It is Wajib (Compulsory) for every Muslim who possess Nisab (minimum amount of wealth requiring them to pay Zakat) according to the Hanafi school of thought. The Qurbani that is sacrificed, is sacrificed for the person who slaughtered it, and it is hoped that with the first blood, all the sins of the owner of the Qurbani will be forgiven. 

The animal to be sacrificed must be selected in accordance with Islamic rules. Since this subject requires expertise in animal knowledge, professional support must be obtained. 

The animal should be taken to the place where it is to be slaughtered. The Islamic rules must be followed in the slaughtering process and the animal must be slaughtered by mentioning (Dhikr) the name of Allah without hurting the animal. 

Qurbani meat should be divided into three parts; leaving the first part to the family as a nafaqah, consuming the second part at the feast with friends, and the last part as sadaqah to the poor.  

The Fatih Community Centre allows your Qurbanies to be sacrificed in clean environments according to Islamic procedures, deliver them to your home according to your preference or offer them to Quran students at our branches. 

You can also donate your Nafilah, Wajib, Aqeeqah, Shifa and Shukr Qurbanies, to our association. You may also feed the Quran students at our branches. 

The Community delivers your slaughtered animal to the student’s of the Quran on your behalf  specifically to  orphans and refugees who are in financial difficulties, continue their educational life with the Qurbani of the generous people.  

Our students, to whom we will deliver your Qurbani, learn about the Quranic sciences and graduate


Zakat literally  means abundance, enhancement, cleanliness and being pure. Zakat is an annual financial worship that an eligible Muslim gives to one of the eight classes determined by Allah, Zakat is one fortieth of their wealth year after year in order to abide with Allah’s command.  

Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam. It is fard (Obligatory) for a Muslim who is free, sound mind, pubescent and who has sufficient amounts of wealth to give Zakat. This nisab amount in Zakat corresponds to 80.18 grams of gold. Apart from his basic needs and debts, every Muslim who has 80.18 grams of gold, cash or income producing properties of this value performs the Zakat worship once a year. 

Fatih Community Centre delivers your Zakat funds to the student’s of the Quran on your behalf. Amongst our students studying in the UK, specifically to our orphans and refugees who are in financial difficulties, continue their educational life with the Zakat and charity of the generous people.  Our students, to whom we will deliver your Zakah, learn about the Quranic sciences and graduate  with a special curriculum follow-up. 

It is ensured that our students are raised as outstanding individuals who are committed to their religious and moral values. 

With the education our student’s receive, they can devote their lives to serving the book of Allah. Our students can continue their life as a model Muslim in society by choosing the profession they deem appropriate for themselves. 

Helping the student of the Qur’an to get education is also Sadaqah Jariyah. 

Other Services

Hajj & Umrah

We provide a very complete hajj and umrah package with our renowned company; Hisar Travel. We understand that Hajj and Umrah is and ibadah and not a business.

Islamic Marriage

We have the proper authority to perform legal and Islamic marriages. It is performed by our imams who have received training both in the field of fiqh and training provided by the council.

Prayer Facilities

All prayer times are taken from Fazilet Calender. Also Jumah Prayer is prayed here every week and the hutbah and lectures are performed in English as well as Turkish.

Funeral Services

We provide all services in accordance with the Islamic rites rules.

Ramadan Services

Every Ramadan there is tarawih prayer , free Iftar to all people and collection of Fitra and Zakat.


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